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If you work in the medical field, you need the expertise and knowledge of 
Professional License & Credential Services, Inc.

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Professional License & Credential Services, Inc.  takes the worry and aggravation out of the time-consuming application and certification processes.  From start to finish, we will handle all of the details.  Let us take care of your business while you take care of your practice.

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Professional License & Credential Services, Inc. is independently owned. We are expertly experienced in all types of medical forms and applications and the requirements of medical boards in each of the 50 states.  Notary services available upon request. For more information


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Verifications: Required by state medical boards for active and inactive (medical) licenses ever held; FSMB (Federation of State Medical Boards) disciplinary search; NPDB (National Practitioners Data Bank) query and employment including medical education.

Certifications: Board Specialties’), ECFMG, Fellowship(s),

Exams: FIEX, National Boards, USMLE, postgraduate training credits.

Medical Boards: Applications are typed with information, attachments, signatures and notarization required prior to submittal.

References: Obtain required personal and professional character references from colleagues, staff, and program directors.

Education: Provide verification of pre-medical, medical education, post-graduate training, and other technical training.

AMA Profile: Request AMA profile on appropriate forms as required by each State Medical Board.

Hospital Affiliations: Send State Medical Board designated forms of each hospital where staff privileges are or have been held.

Consulting Services: Analyze your CV and identify any additional information required to ensure completeness before submittal to State Medical Board. Advice regarding referral sources for possible or potential employment.

Credentials: NCQA guidelines adhered to as well as credentialing for employment, re-appointment to hospital staff privileges, and HMO’s.

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